6 more ways that bad web design will damage your business

Every business should have a great website. Most businesses already have a website, but many of these are substandard. This means that customers will leave their websites to visit those of their competitors, resulting in lower sales, less customer interaction and an unhappy business.

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If you want to ensure your website is successful, you must avoid certain web design flaws. Here are six ways that bad web design will damage your business.

Automatic Music and Sound Is Off-Putting

You may be tempted to make a video automatically play when someone visits your website, but this is a mistake. Most users find the sound annoying and jarring, so they will quickly close your website to stop the sound from playing.

A Crowded Website Is Hard to Digest

Some businesses cram pictures and information into every part of their website, but this makes the page look crowded and confusing. Be sure to leave some white space so users can clearly find the most important information.

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Stock Images Are Inauthentic

Stock photographs can be used occasionally, but internet users tend to think that they are cheesy or inauthentic because they do not actually represent your team. It is much better to take your own pictures of your business and your team as these pictures will be much more authentic.

Users Will Leave Your Website If You Overuse Interstitials

Interstitials are webpages that appear before or after an expected page. They often ask users to sign up for newsletters or email services. While all businesses want users to sign up for their services, overusing interstitials will annoy customers and make them leave. Even worse, they will get the impression that your business is pushy and intrusive.

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Users Will Leave Your Site If It Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

According to The Guardian, smartphones are now one of the most popular ways to browse the internet. If your website isn’t mobile-optimised, a large percentage of your users won’t be able to properly view your website.

Users Will Leave Your Site If It Isn’t Optimised For All Browsers

If your website works on Google Chrome but does not work well on Firefox, you will lose all of your customers who browse through Firefox.


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