Reduced Spaces: Kitchen

Today I will give you an idea to turn a minimum corner on your counter in a corner full of details and practicality.

To start, to choose the compliments I always take the color that I chose to dress my kitchen: red.

The truth is that I have a weakness for the kitchens with red, had to add it to mine as outside. In spite of having a border in the tiles with other colors included the orange (impossible to combine), I got to do it. In the future, I will tell you how I solved it.

Reduced spaces in the kitchen

As you can see, the first step was to put one of those bars Ikea on the wall; Are very useful because you can hang infinity of things with a little imagination and the hooks that come with the bar, of course. In this case, I put the drain covered, a metal calendar, and a container that I am using for several, but in which you can put a Plant, for example, and give a cozy touch to the kitchen.

The remaining gap below, I use it for a sort of “corner for tea”, with a box of tea, a jar with chocolate (can vary with pastries, candies, or even to put sugar) and a set of Tea/coffee small.

Space is gained with milk red in the corner, where you can get everything you do not want to have sight but close at hand (tablecloths, napkins, cleaning products.

Continuing with practicality, those that you noticed that I have things on a circular tray, you will now understand why. If you put things on trays or similar, you will be much easier to clean, because instead of moving each thing one by one, you move the tray all over and ready.

I added a fun touch with the timer clock in the form of vintage radio. I must confess that this little watch was one of the first things I bought for my flat; In fact, I did not even know the above floor.

It can be said that something as small and insignificant inspired me too much. You never know where it will come to the inspiration, so pay attention!

If you started to like the decoration with something dumber than a kitchen clock, I challenge you to tell me.


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