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Unfortunately it’s very difficult to become an astronaut, especially in a country with no space program. There are just a very select few lucky individuals who make it into outer space and into our home from home, the International Space Station. So what is it like on board the space station?

The ISS is a large space station that is constantly being added to by astronauts working in spacesuits. It orbits the Earth and has been home to many different crews who each get their chance to visit and conduct experiments whilst in space. Many countries work together in the building of the station and astronauts of different nationalities are able to visit and use the science labs.

The station consists of numerous different parts which are put together by the astronauts and the ISS can often be spotted from Earth as it’s the brightest object in the Earth’s orbit. It travels at about 220 miles above the planet and NASA uses it to learn about what it’s like to live in space. Two years after the first piece was launched in 1998, it was ready for human inhabitants. People have lived there ever since the first crew arrived in November 2000 and it was completed in 2011.

Each section of the station is called a module and are connected by nodes. Solar energy is collected from panels on the side of the station which is turned into electricity. The size of the area covered in solar panels is about the same as eight basketball courts. The station has robot arms on the outside which help in the construction of the station and allow astronauts to move around and work outside the building, conducting research.

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Getting to the station requires a journey on the Russian Soyuz shuttle which will attach to a docking port and a series of airlock doors. The materials used in the construction of shuttles and the station itself have to be incredibly durable and temperature resistant to withstand the harsh conditions of space and space travel. For a Silicone hose manufacturer, visit

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The International Space Station has been home to over 200 people since it first became habitable in 2000. It travels about the distance to the moon and back again every single day and weighs 930,000 pounds. A crew of just three people staying for six months will require approximately seven tons of supplies! To keep an eye on the safety of the crew, the station has 350,000 sensors monitoring everything as the station zips around the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour. It takes 90 minutes to complete a full orbit of Earth and the crew get to witness 16 sunrises and sunsets every day!

You might think living conditions would be a bit cramped but it’s actually quite roomy¬† with more livable space than a six-bedroom house. Thankfully for the crew, there are 2 bathrooms so there should be no need for queuing! There is also a gym to prevent muscle waste from zero gravity and a bay window with a staggering 360 degree view. Now that’s a room with a view!



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