Top ways to prevent your parcels from being stolen

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Are you tired of your parcels being stolen as a result of the delivery person leaving them outside? The problem is, many of us also don’t want deliveries sent back to the depot. Read on for some top tips for preventing parcels from being stolen.

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Create a safe place

Packages tend to be stolen when they are in plain sight from the road. Ask your driver to leave the package in a safe place, such as behind your garden gate, under your trailer or caravan or with a neighbour. When you’re expecting a delivery, even if you didn’t order it yourself, you’re normally given the option of adding a note about delivery – this is where you can specify where it should be left or who it should be left with.

Keycode box

Buy a lockable plastic container from your local hardware store and place it by your front door or along the side of your house. When you enter the details online about where to leave packages, provide the code for the container. It may be an extra job for your delivery driver, but they will be pleased to know they have left the package somewhere secure.


If you have a porch and leave the outer door unlocked to allow delivery drivers to drop off parcels, then make sure the inner door is properly secure, with the help of a Belfast locksmith such as

Install a security camera

This is serious business and probably only worth doing if you receive a lot of parcels. Make sure the camera is visible and there is a sign or sticker to indicate its existence. Essentially, you don’t want the camera to be used to find a thief, but to deter them in the first place. Make sure it doesn’t point onto your neighbour’s property though.

Workplace delivery

If you spend more time at work than home, it makes good sense to have an expensive package delivered to work rather than your home.

It’s extremely frustrating when parcels and packages get stolen from your property, but it’s equally annoying when they get sent back to the depot because you’re not in. Create a safe place or find a neighbour who is always in and be sure to give the delivery company the details.


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